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Esther’s journey began in July 2016 but she had no idea it would take her to where she is today…

I had been using Forever products for a couple of years but I used to just find them online as I was unaware of the business opportunity and that I should buy through an FBO. When I learned about the business I joined so that I could benefit from the generous discount. I still wasn’t interested in retailing and I told myself that I was busy enough with my full-time job and social life. At the time, I thought I had far too much on, but within the first few weeks I started to see that Forever had a lot more to offer. Talking about the products I loved and used already every day was actually quite easy and a natural part of day-to-day life, so I decided to give it a real go by finding the time to put a little more effort in.

In the first month of joining I was close to hitting my personal target. I set up my Facebook page, created a new name for my business and had some business cards made. Talking about aloe vera became second nature and before I knew it, I had fifteen customers who wanted Forever Aloe vera Gel, and friends and family who were keen to try other products! I promptly set up my own website and joined online support groups and subscriptions including FLP.Social and FLP360°, and in the months that followed I hit Supervisor.

I’ve always felt there was something bigger out there for me, I just never knew what it was until I found Forever, and now I can’t imagine not being a part of the Forever family. The opportunity has opened the door to a new career and I feel as if I’ve found my niche. I’m enjoying meeting new people and I’ve never felt so inspired and driven to succeed in life as I do now. Every time I think about Forever, I think of when Richard Branson said, “If someone offers you an opportunity and you’re not sure you can do it, say yes – then learn how to do it later.” I guess that’s what I did, and what I’m doing! I regularly attend the Business Presentation and my knowledge is growing everyday with all the events, training and help received from my mentors. I’m very excited for what the future holds and I can’t wait to share it with everyone – Eagle Manager, I’m coming for you!



Based in south-west London, Matt enjoyed a successful career working for a major brand. He was focused, passionate and hardworking, but the long hours and lack of time began to tarnish the corporate dream…

I started my Forever journey back in February 2015 whilst working for a large well-known soft drinks brand. I headed up their national sales team which consisted of over 130 managers, and while some may say I had the perfect career, I always believed there was more to life than working a sixty-hour week and having no time to yourself.

Fortunately, I saw the Forever opportunity as my way out of the corporate rat race. I set a goal to get to a place where I’d be able to quit my job within five months, and exactly five months later I resigned. I knew that working alongside such an incredible company with amazing products would work, so I began building a business by following everything that my upline told me to do. Kyle Burrows and Emma Cooper were outstanding mentors!

I achieved Manager in three months by working my business around my job, and alongside managing my own personal £multi-million international property portfolio. I was also having my house extended and I was in the middle of buying a new three-bed London apartment to rent out. I may have been busy, but I made time for my Forever business; it was going to set me up for the future and once there I would never have to look back!

I now have four amazing Managers based in Scotland, and a team of over 300 people – we are like one big happy family! The friendships you make in Forever are incredible; these people are going to be in my life for the rest of my days, and the journey we are going to walk together makes me ‘smile’. When I was at Global Rally in South Africa, I looked around and, whilst holding back emotion, I knew I was working for something special when I saw such inspirational and highly motivational people.

I am more committed than ever to carry on building my business with Forever, and Senior Manager is firmly set on the horizon, but I have also had the time to retrain in something I’ve always been passionate about – property. I have now qualified as a self-employed mortgage and insurance advisor and I intend to work this role alongside my Forever business. Forever has given me options; options to have more time, freedom, and the ability to do what I want, when I want, and with whom I want. That is priceless! I would like to thank everyone who is playing a key part in my journey and I am super-excited for the years ahead.


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I came out of school with a D as my highest GCSE and I was incapable of committing to even one year of college. At sixteen I went straight into an office administration role, but I only lasted a week! I picked myself up and tried again and landed a customer service role. This time six months went by, but then I was in the same situation, booted out for the better of the company! This pattern last for the years that followed.

I have dyslexia, ADHD and I’ve suffered with depression for a number of years. I can articulate and hold a good conversation so I don’t often come across like someone diagnosed with dyslexia, but I’ve always struggled to stay on task. I get distracted easily and time slips through my fingers. Writing is difficult and takes me a long time, and to concentrate on something is really hard work for me. These things, along with terrible time-keeping and a worse attitude, put a strain on me progressing in life.

When I was twenty-two I decided I was better suited to self-employment. I entered a modelling competition and for the first time I knew what I wanted. I moved to London to pursue it properly and through the jobs I received I met some incredible people, gained great experience and it was something I could pick up when I wanted. Unfortunately I just didn’t have the drive to push myself so I ended up returning to the office. After a year and a half I had had enough; I was tired and underpaid and I was also slipping into deeper depression.

I went to Bethan as a shell of my former self. For the first time in three years I was ready to listen to her. I had no idea if I could do it and I lacked self-belief, but I had nothing to lose. I wanted to learn and see if the business could do all the things it promised.

The more I worked the business and developed myself as a person, the more obvious it became that I had to make some serious life choices. In the space of a week I left my relationship, my home, a mortgage, the city, attended a funeral, and I helped my Nan through depression. Forever became a focus away from everything else, and I put all my efforts into helping, advising and guiding my team. My upline’s advice and dedication to me and my team kept me strong and excited, and I absolutely adore where my life is headed. I chose to believe the impossible was possible and now I’m proud to say I’ve found something I can, and will, commit to.


Claire and Keith

It was seven years ago that Claire Spencer started her Forever business. In those four years, the hard work and dedication has paid off, and Claire has now achieved the successful position of Soaring Manager. Throughout Claire’s Forever journey, she has seen her dreams materialise, recently purchasing her ultimate dream home.
In an interview with Forever, Claire reveals how she has reached this position and what have been the driving factors helping her to succeed.

I come from a non-business background and therefore my goals were initially very low. I wanted to double my income, so an extra £300 was all I thought I could achieve. We also wanted to put lino down in the bathroom as it was carpeted, that is how little belief I initially had in myself. Over the last seven years, our lives have changed dramatically. I was able to quit childminding just ten weeks into Forever. My husband sacked his corporate boss and is now enjoying learning about Forever and how to develop his own business with me. We are both driving beautiful cars, all paid for by Earned Incentive Level 3, but the icing on the cake is that we are now moving into our dream home this month, from a small three bedroom town house to a beautiful six bedroom country property with endless amounts of garden, backing onto fields in a small village. This has been a lifelong dream for me. We are now looking at a holiday home somewhere hot and lovely. I can’t believe we will be owning several properties.

My business goal is ultimately to create a team of millionaires; I have created the Diamond group which already has three six figure income earners within it, and many more on the verge of achieving six figures. It excites me to think we can massively change lives. My personal goal is Diamond Manager and beyond, surrounding myself with fellow Diamonds. The UK is ready for massive growth now. You have the power to achieve everything you want. You just have to believe, have the discipline, focus and maintain a strong work ethic.



Dorothy was a self-employed midwife who joined Forever to top up her pension. The result was better than she could have imagined…

My husband and I had role-swapped when he was made redundant and then couldn’t find employment. He took care of the children and all the domestic stuff while I went out to bring in the money. I was a self-employed (independent) midwife and my passion was working with women to provide continuity of care and to help them give birth the way they wanted. I was on call for them 24/7 and absolutely loved it. However, getting a mortgage as a self-employed woman was impossible so I took a job at Southbank University. Two full-time jobs didn’t leave much time for anything else, and then in my fifties I began to dread the night calls. When I considered retirement and my pension, I couldn’t see a way of making the income we needed. With a mortgage to pay off, daughters to put through university and life to live, I realised that my NHS pension of £43 a week wouldn’t go far. I felt sick with worry about the future.

Sceptically and somewhat reluctantly I joined Forever in April 2001 to prove my friend wrong about aloe and network marketing. She had said it would be a good way to ‘top up’ my pension. I didn’t believe it, but she proved me wrong! I was delighted by what I discovered.

I love the ethical people-centred nature of the company. I love the way each person is encouraged to dream their own dreams and plan their own business. I was impressed by the ‘high flyers’ in the company but knew that was not what I wanted. I didn’t have the commitment, the dedication, the energy or the desire; my passion had been women and birthing – not aloe vera and a huge income!

At first I worked to earn enough so I could drop the university job. When I was made redundant I was relieved to have the replacement income and also more time to work on my Forever business.  Within three years we created the equivalent of a very good NHS pension and I was able to retire from midwifery. Achieving incentives helped to pay off the mortgage and has given us global travel. Our daughters have grown, flown the nest and have their own good jobs and lives – I don’t feel like I need to support them so we have the income to give to causes that are dear to our hearts.

I learnt early on that Forever teaches us so much: how to dream, how to plan and business skills that are transferable. Many of the people I have sponsored use Forever as a stepping stone to learn those skills and move on to their true passion. I call this success. I love that Forever allows this and that we have our business owner ID forever!

Forever has paid me month-in and month-out for more than twelve years now and I’m so, so grateful to the company for what they provide and for the excellent team who I work alongside. You won’t see me on stage, you won’t see my name fly up the Marketing Plan, you won’t see me at the big parties – that’s not what I’m about. I do however love that Forever has delivered more than I could have ever imagined.


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Debbie and Martin

Debbie and Martin have been Forever Business Owners for almost five years, working extremely hard to develop their business and change mind-sets. In July 2015, Debbie and Martin were promoted to Soaring Managers. Our Editor, Kate, interviewed Debbie to find out more…

What was your life like before Forever?

My background was in the corporate world. For over ten years I worked in the oil and gas industry as an IT trainer. This meant long hours and I was out of the country for at least a week every month. I was the mum who dropped her children off at breakfast club and picked them up after the after-school clubs – they were always the last kids left.

We also rarely went on holidays, and Martin and I would use our annual leave up throughout the summer to look after our two boys, Kai and Jaden. We couldn’t afford a six-week summer filled with school clubs, and no matter how hard we worked we never seemed to have enough money to last past the middle of this summer period. Instead we’d end up paying for activities on credit cards and we accumulated a lot of debt.

How and why did you get involved in Forever?

In October 2010 we managed to get our eldest son, Kai, into private school (my mother-in-law was paying half the fees for the first year), but we had to find a way to pay the ongoing fees. I found Forever through a chance post on Facebook. Ange was saying how she had started a new venture and I was inquisitive. To say it was all a whirlwind was an understatement, but I knew I loved Forever and the products from day one. My husband, Martin, couldn’t see how a business like this could work; he didn’t think I had time to waste on it, but I wanted to prove I could do it. Then, nine months later, Martin was made redundant. However, there was no way I was going to take my son out of school so I worked hard, my business took off and I achieved Manager just three months later.

Have you any key business tips that worked for you?

People would mock me for doing network marketing, but I am quite stubborn and their attitude only drove me even more. It is definitely important to stay true to yourself as your message to friends and family will be more genuine; eventually they’ll see the bigger picture and that you’re there to help them with the most amazing opportunity.

It is also essential that you work on your mindset; it’s the MOST incredible tool you need for your business. That “I can” and “I will” attitude will help you succeed, but remember it takes time – Rome wasn’t built in a day!

What impact has Forever had on your life?

We have been able to say yes to school trips and travel with the boys; they are now both very happy at their school and thrive in the smaller class sizes. We moved into a much bigger property, but the best part is that my previously sceptical husband is now corporate job-free. And, most importantly, we are a family reunited which is more than we ever dreamed of.

Thank you to Rex and the Maughan family for helping make our dreams come true, and thank you to my awesome team for being the very best people we could wish to work with.