Hi there!  Nice to meet you!  I’d like to tell you a little bit about myself and how I got started with my own holistic health and wellbeing business – Magical Aloe Forever.

After a career spanning 23 years as an Executive Assistant for some of the world’s leading brands, in 2013 I decided that I had had enough of life with brackets and decided to let my entrepreneurial spirit come to the fore!

As ice skating is my hobby and a real passion of mine, I had been working since 2012 to create ‘Heroes on Ice’ to raise awareness of the top ice skating talent in the U.K., whilst raising funds for charitable causes through the platform of ice skating shows, whilst still doing the daily 9-5 (or should I say 8.30-6pm) grind. We successfully produced our first show in September 2013 in aid of Walking with the Wounded, and it was then that I realised that I could lead a big project without the back-up of a company environment and my taste for entrepreneurialism really kicked-in.

During my time as an elite Executive Assistant I served as the Chairman of Number 42, a private members club based in Mayfair, London for the U.K.s elite executive and personal assistants, and also chaired the club’s charity committee.  Even in corporate life I always found myself getting involved in charitable projects as helping others is intrinsic to my way of life.

In 2014 two wonderful things happened to me. Firstly at the start of the year my beautiful son was born! It was at this time that my company went through a massive management re-structure and I was offered the opportunity to take redundancy.   Needless to say I grabbed it with both hands!  My son was a little later arriving than was in my original life plan, so I determined that I did not want to miss a second of him growing up.

Taking redundancy in 2013 allowed me to focus on my passion project ‘Heroes on Ice’ but it also made me realise that there was no way I wanted to go back to a standard ‘job’ when he was born, so I started to look for opportunities that would allow me to do something I enjoyed, that would give value to others and allow me to work from home around my son.

After a lot of research and looking at many opportunities, Forever Living stood out head and shoulders above the crowd.  The ethics and ethos of the company were inline with my values, the quality of the products is second to none and I have met the most wonderful people – you.

I feel thoroughly blessed as becoming a part of the Forever family has allowed me to do the two things I love most: help people with their health and wellbeing through the wonderful products I retail; and as a business development coach, help those who choose to do so change their lives and reach their full potential.